Thursday, November 11, 2010


Hey.  Really I just wanted to check in and let ya know that I'm still kickin'.  No extended entry today.  Just saying hey and heading over to check up on some of my favorite blogs I've missed the last few weeks. 

One thing I will say is that Adam and I were disgusted with the results of the recent vote.  One good thing that came out of Missouri was legislation against puppy mills.  Yay for that! 

We've been thinking a lot about Canada these days.  Honestly it's not just about the vote (though US politics has a something to do with it).  I have wanted to travel north for awhile and why not just try living there to get a feel for it?  We've both decided to get a masters in library science (we've quite taken to the field ;) and school is fairly cheap in Canada, even for internationals.  Cost of living is another thing to consider, but if we can make it work, well we are seriously considering heading in that direction a couple of years from now.

Feel free to leave a message just to say 'hey.'  I'd love to hear from you guys! 

Monday, November 1, 2010


I went geocaching for the first time a couple of weeks ago with my niece, Madi.  If you haven't been, it's awesome!  A little adventure and scavenger hunt typed up into one.  Not sure when I will get my own device, but I am definitely hooked.

See that little fellow above?  That was my treasure find of the day.  I found a mini-crayon set in my purse to leave behind and retrieved this little guy.  Next hunt I will be sure to take a little packet of items in preparation for another geocache exchange.  How awesome is it that you can go on a modern day treasure hunt like this?  I love it!

So, we had a couple of people in my department transfer to another library branch in town.  Hence I have had little blog time due to picking up tons of hours.  The good thing is that it will help me to save a little money.  My bank account has been looking puny since my auto insurance payment and replacing my windshield.  OH and why did I need to replace my windshield?  Because some kids got into a fight that involved a homemade billy club, which was actually a sawed-off bat, and my windshield got hit in the midst of it.  Wild huh?  Just another day at the library ;)