Monday, July 26, 2010


The pic's from Tiff's wedding.  She had this awesome photo booth at the reception.  Everything was pretty lovely, though brutally hot at the botanical gardens.  And, though I still stand that I am not very fond of weddings, it was quite lovely.

So, I just wanted to check in, so you would know that I have not disappeared ;)  I'm pushing the reviews and contest back a week or so.  Honestly, I just haven't made enough time for friends these days.  And since they have some time freed up, I'm reserving my time for them.  Not that I don't consider some of you friends!  But you know how it is.  In the mean time, I do hope to slip in some blog reading time.  There are quite a few I need to catch up on.

Oh, and for any who wondered, the niacinamide has helped my anxiety tremendously!  There's a lot of stuff I'm still sorting out, but things are getting better :)  If you want to understand me a little better and what sorts of things I'm dealing with you can check this COH site out.  I'm not ready to go in to details, but opening up a little has really helped.

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Carissa said...

That is sooo cool that there was a photo booth at the wedding!