Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Encourage Puppy mills...really Missouri?!

AH!  Missouri what is the deal?!  I guess I'm on a news rant lately.  This morning, I had a little time before work and found this link on a friend's Facebook page that indicates lawmakers are considering a repeal of Prop. B.  The idea behind this proposition is to discourage puppy mills

Basically it proposes "new rules for dog-breeders, including capping the number of dogs that were used for breeding purposes, requiring resting periods between breeding and establishing other requirements. The measure required that dog-breeders only be able to have 50 breeding dogs and required them to feed those animals daily and regularly." (cited)

Is that really so much to ask?!

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Anonymous said...

Why on earth would they want to repeal this? I saw some video footage of a puppy farm the other day. It was heartbreaking!

'50 breeding dogs'! Really, they're treating dogs like machines here and they're thinking of allowing it to be more???


Rose said...

How disappointing and disturbing really. I've read other reports that Missouri is an especially bad state in terms of deliberate and institutionalized animal abuse.

Vegan Flower said...

Wow, they're going backwards with that! There are several cities that have banned selling dogs in pets stores- Anything that increases breeding is just asinine. Shame on Missouri!

Kelly said...

So glad you mentioned this hideous, shameful moment. Is it really so hard to NOT want to have the nickname: The Puppy Mill State? Really. But again, so glad you mentioned it.

Cassie - Vegan Fox said...

Penny - No kidding! I was so appalled that '50' was a reasonable number. It's ridiculous!

Rose - It wouldn't surprise me. It's sad to see this state stand behind ridiculous policies.

V.F.- You're completely right! Thanks for sharing that link, I'll be sure to pass that on.

Kelly - Yes! Between the Puppy Mill thing and recent aims at censorship, Missouri really seems to be moving in the wrong direction.