Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Busy Week

Wow, I really didn't mean to go so long without posting, but it's been a busy week for me.  I'm not sure if I've mentioned, but I work part-time and usually have plenty of free time or at least, time available for other things.  Last weekend was the Lawn and Garden show in town which was fun.  I went to another gardening seminar at the library, this one by Ruell Chappel, which was very inspiring :)  And then I've been working every day this week, so that I can head out of town for a Jazz Festival at Truman State (where I graduated from).  I'm pretty excited.  When I was still living in Kirksville (working at the rehab) I made a point to stay away from campus because I had become so tired of school.  But now that I've been away for awhile and since I haven't seen some of these friends for years now, it will be quite nice I think.  Plus it's always nice to hear some good jazz.  I was a music major and this is kind of an unofficial time for music alum.

I promise there will be more food coming next week.  The posts of Intrigue will no longer be a weekly post because I don't think I can keep up with that, but as I've mentioned before I discover so many wonderful things through other blogs and sites that it is important to me to recognize them.  Actually, that's the reason this isn't a food post because I want to catch up on everyone else's blogs ;)

A few pics for fun (and though I now have an account, none of these are on Flickr - YET!):
Adam & me

Jordan said the hat was too big!

But it looked fine to me :)

Oh well!  It happily belongs to my parents now.  Next time I won't make an expert guess at such a novice level, haha.  I guess that's how we learn, though!


fiddlewitch said...

i think jordan should've kept the hat--anytime he needed to go about incognito, he'd be all set!

fiddlewitch said...

p.s. ask jerry about ruell chappell

Hannah said...

Ruell Chappell...Mrs. Chappell's husband, right? And also in Nick, Ned, and Ruell the band?

Cassie - Vegan Fox said...

Haha, yeah. I think Mom's been enjoying it, though. You're thinking of the right guy Han' ;)