Friday, January 21, 2011

Sproutman's Kitchen Garden Cookbook - Book Review

This book really excites me! Someday I will borrow or purchase a dehydrator and make some sprouted bread of my own. Unfortunately, I have not tried any of these recipes. The recipes I most wanted to make call for a dehydrator or, as you might guess, advanced planning for sprouting.

It is full of exciting recipes, such as Sweet Potato Raisin Sprout Bread, Sprout Pizza Dough, Cashew-Apple Nuggets, Cashew Egg Nog, Sunflower Farmer Cheese, California Wine, Coffee Ice Cream, Dried Onion Rings, Sunny Parmesan Cheese, Manhattan Sprout Chowder, Natural Sesame Halvah, Braised Tofu, and much more.

Prepare to be entertained by cute, and sometimes flirtatious, cartoon sketches, sketches ("Sproutman Meets The Marx Bros"), and poetry ("Ode to the Banana"). I also found this book to be very informative. It contains information on the benefits of sprouting, the benefits of alternatives to dairy, and benefits of light cooking (or dehydrating).

Without having tried any of the recipes, I still feel as though I have gained a lot from this book. There are very detailed explanations on the processes used in each recipe, as well as the information I mentioned above.

Some recipes do use honey, so this book is not completely vegan. But without having actually tasted anything, that was the only fault I found in this book. And luckily, there are easy substitutions for honey.

Has anyone tried any of these recipes? Feel free to list your experiences with this book in the comments!


River (Wing-It Vegan) said...

Ode to the Banana? OK, that sounds funny! :P

I wish I had a big garden *sigh*

Thiruppathy Raja said...

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