Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Welcome to 2011

Happy New Year!  I'm pretty excited about this year.  Here are a few goals I've come up with for this year:

* Play saxophone at least once a week (when able)
* Record (or compose) music at least once a month
* Write often [at least twice a week, but aim for DAILY]
* Read 50 books
* Visit Vancouver
* Make art or craft something every month
* Spend more time with my nieces and nephews
* Try a new cookie recipe every week
* Blog once a week or no less than every other week

For January I have a few things to wrap up from 2010, a few awards I never really honored AND a giveaway that never happened!  So here's the deal, a giveaway WILL happen on January 10.  I will try to do a review or two beforehand, but regardless it will happen.  That's my blogaversary and what better way to celebrate?

Any game lovers out there?  I love games.  The two that have recently kept me occupied are Munchkin, a card game, and Fallout, a post-apocalyptic role-playing computer game.  Any other fans?

Oh and speaking of Troll 2, if you are a fan or would like to be, you should check out Best Worst MovieThis documentary has given me a whole new outlook on a movie that I could finally laugh about after a second viewing (my first impression was not good).  I would recommend this to you whether you enjoyed Troll 2 or not, it will endear the film to you in a whole new way.  Seriously, the director, writer, actors and fans are so sincere!  Art appreciated for art's sake, where the art is exceptionally bad, but strangely wonderful.  And if you need one more reason, the goblins are vegetarians ;)
George Hardy (as Michael; Dad), also the star of Best Worst Movie


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!

Katie said...

Jon and I are game lovers. We actually host a board game night every Wednesday. So maybe we're more like fanatics. :)

Carissa said...

Great goals! I have been wanting to try Munchkins. My favorite game is Oblivion :)

Carissa said...

I forgot to tell you that my little brother writes a blog called Geek Speak and he's on my blogroll. He writes reviews on games mostly if you are interested :)He has no followers yet, so I'm trying to help him out.

River (Wing-It Vegan) said...

Awesome goals! Try a new cookie recipe every week? I approve! :P

I hope you reach all your goals, and that you will share your monthly artsy/crafty project with us!

wolfman said...

hey, im carissas brother, ive never played any of these games, thier kindof oldschool for me (but there are some awesome oldschool games that i love) have u played fallout 3 by any chance? probably the best post-apacalyptic RPG out there. id appreciate it if you'd stop by my blog if u get the cance, its called: geekspeak