Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"Squash the Shiitake" Stir-fry

Just a quick number from tonight's dinner.  Most of the veggies were local.  Since we missed the Farmers Market on Saturday we stopped by Homegrown Foods while doing laundry.  This place is awesome!  They just got started this year and already serve up a wide assortment of local foods and related items (coffee, pottery, etc.).

Before cooking, the shiitake mushrooms were marinated in tamari, Worcestershire sauce (vegan of course!) and brown rice vinegar.  The following were stir-fried in toasted sesame oil:  red onion, elephant garlic (local!), marinated shiitake mushrooms, yellow squash, green pepper, turnips, cashews and the remaining marinade.  

After boiling and rinsing the soba noodles, I mixed in some toasted sesame oil, basil, black pepper and black sesame seeds.  Then these were tossed in with the veggie mixture.

Served up with a topping of fresh sprouts and a mixture of finely chopped cashews, hemp seed and nutritional yeast.


Rose said...

This sounds so delicious and nutritious. That marinade sounds so good. Thanks for the recipe idea.

Jacklyn said...

Yum this looks good! Almost looks like a pad thai. I had this horrible experience with soba noodles the first time I ever tried to make them..maybe a year ago...I haven't touched them since. I really must concur my fear..I hate thinking that I am missing out on trying something wonderful.

Katie said...

ohhhh. This looks delish.

Cassie - Vegan Fox said...

Rose and Katie - Thanks!

Jacklyn - You know, it could probably be called something other than stir-fry. We have a tendency to call a lot of mixed veg. meals stir-fry ;) Do try! We've had some issues with soba noodles, too. The packages recommend 8 min., but I did these for 7 and that was plenty of time.