Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Band practice, Bingo and Beer

It was a good night tonight. A night of working toward some of my 2010 goals, actually. This year will be a year of not just creating, but achieving many goals, I hope.

A few of those goals and tonight...
Improve community involvement: joined the community band. It's going to be a pretty good time I think ;)
Spend more time with people: A friend told me about a bingo night at a local bar in town, Lindberg's. I love games (and beer), so it seemed like a grand opportunity. And it was a good chance to catch up with a couple of good pals.

Tomorrow night I'm headed to the local independent theatre, The Moxie, to see Herzog's Bad Lieutenant. Herzog is an amazing director and I really enjoy Nicolas Cage, especially when he gets to be over the top!

A bit of food. Tonight we had Fried Tofu, mashed potatoes and gravy and peas. It was a quick dinner night.

Fried Tofu Seasonings (not marinated long because I was short on time)
granulated garlic
ground ginger

This works really well for a quick fried tofu to stick in wraps or on top of rice.


DJ said...

Nicholas Cage being Over the Top? Who'd have thought... (n_n) Fried tofu and mashed potato just sounds like a little piece of heaven especially if you have it doused in gravy - yum! And I agree - beer and games can only be a good thing!

Kelly said...

That sounds wonderful! All of it: Nicholas Cage tofu, gravy, peas and potato! And welcome fellow Missouri vegan!

Vegan Fox said...

Thanks guys! And thanks for stopping by!