Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Chimichangas and a little Christmas

What a happy day! I came home to packages waiting inside. Luckily, Adam's and mine came on the same day, so we were able to open all of our Christmas at once.

Two new cookbooks! Oh my, these were probably my top two picks on my current want list:
Vegan Brunch AND Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar! (Click the links for sample recipes if you don't have a copy yet!)

That's not all! Also, the next installment of Northlanders (trade paperback) and 3 David Bowie albums!

Also, I visited the Thrift Store for the Blind today and made out with some goods:
Twin Peaks Soundtrack, a little hanger for ties (perfect for Adam and his new job), small flower pot, spatula for outdoor grilling, a gardening book, and skirt book.

I love thrifty finds!

Today I figured out how to add links to text (obviously a blog novice). If anyone has happened here because you wondered, "Who the hell is this chick that just posted on my blog?" Well, it was me. I've hunted the net for recipes for years and followed many blogs. Just recently I started my own and decided to start communicating...hopefully not creepy, haha.

We've been eating a lot of chimi's lately. I originally got the idea for mashing potatoes and beans together from a vegan cookbook I once had. Each time is a slightly different variation.

Black Bean Potato Chimichangas

3 med potatoes (chopped and cooked)
2 c. black beans (cooked)
2 avocados
3 garlic cloves
2 Tbl tamari
1/3 c. water or veg. broth
1-3 hot peppers or 1-2 tsp. dried pepper flakes (jalapeno are a great choice)
8 tortillas (burrito size)

Mash together potatoes, beans and avocados in a large pot or bowl. Add everything else and mix thoroughly.

To form chimichangas:
Start with a single tortilla and fold two sides in toward the center:

Add a scoop (1/8) of mixture to one end and roll up.

Next, add safflower oil to a pan and start frying. I usually add 1/4 to 1/2 in. and flip over to conserve oil. But feel free to deep fry (more traditional).

Then, voila! Top with salsa or whatever else you might like.

If you love chimichangas like I do, there's also a tasty looking recipe over at Vegan Thyme!


Tough Cookie said...

Thank you! He is a goldendoodle and the apple of my eye.

Inca said...

Hi and let first say I'm loving your blog:) I too have started one but really havn't got as far as you havn't worked out how to add links etc or add pics!!!The chimichangas look so yummy,we are vegetarians but since coming across some lovely vegan blogs like D.J's (I have yet to look at more) it has given me the kick I needed!!! I too love thrifty finds,it's great fun,hey and your not creepy at all:) becky x

Bobbie said...

Let's go thrift shopping together sometime!

Anonymous said...

TWIN PEAKS!!!!! That is awesome. I had that soundtrack on cassette when I was in highschool. I had forgotten all about it but boy seeing that brought back some memories. Love it!