Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Blender Advice Needed!

So, we have finally decided to buy a new blender.  It has been on our minds a lot lately out of much frustration with our current wimpy blender.  I have heard so many wonderful things about the Vitamix AND Blendtec that I am determined to buy one of these.  In casual conversation I discussed these woes with Adam's mom and the wonderful woman insisted that we get one right away as she slipped some money into Adam's hand.  She's so generous and I will gladly put it to good use!  But I haven't decided which one to go with.  My question to you is, do you have experience with either of these devices?  If so, what are your thoughts??

I would like to share with you what a wonderful weekend we had!  We visited Adam's mom this weekend.  It is so quiet there and a river runs right behind her house!  So each morning we took off before breakfast and took a nice walk by the river.  It was so beautiful and peaceful.  We are determined to have a little place in the country of our own someday.

Tonight's meal was Chickpea Cakes Piccata, recipe via Happy Herbivore, served up with mashed potatoes and corn.


Aaron said...

I bought a Vitamix 4500 from for $329. It looks like they raised their prices a little since then though. Still cheaper than anywhere else though.

We chose the 4500 because of the longer warranty and having seen them both in person, the 4500 is just a whole lot sturdier. The Blendtec's are nice but seem like they are designed more for aesthetics than durability.

Of course Blendtec has those videos where they destroy things in the blender, so they may be more sturdy than they look.

veganhomemaker said...

I have seen live demonstrations for both the Blendtec and the Vitamix and decided to go with the Blendtec. I got mine at Costco so it came with a seven year warranty. It works so good that you don't need a tamper for it like you do with the Vitamix. I use mine at least once a day so it is left out all the time. It fits nicely under my cabinet, the Vitamix does not, it is too tall. Also you don't need a separate jar for dry and wet ingredients like you do with the Vitamix. I think the Blendtec rocks. And lastly, I know this shouldn't matter but the Blendtec is way prettier!:) Hope this helps.

Julia said...

I have a Vita -Mix that my mom never used so she gave it to me. I love it because it goes from low to super high. It's even really good at grinding dates pits, not that you would want to, but just to give you an example of it's power.

In the Raw really likes her Oster which is also a lot less pricey, if you're interested.

good luck on your hunt!

Cassie - Vegan Fox said...

Thanks for the suggestions. I'm really interested in the Oster, the price seems much more reasonable!

Earth Mother said...

Forgot to mention this when you visited my site, but Matt and Angela Stokes-Monarch of The Raw Food World TV Show did an episode you might want to check out: Blendtec Total Blender vs Vita-Mix.

I still love my Oster Fusion though. Hasn't failed me yet, and I use it every day.

fiddlewitch said...

go to the library (ha) and read up on them, and others, in consumer reports. very valuable resource, that.

Reading in the Dark said...

Be careful when going for the good price and lesser-known brands. We were trying to save money after the wedding and bought some Wave Action thing. It's horrible. It doesn't blend food, just drinks and ice cream. Disappointments galore.

Anonymous said...

I've got a VitaMix, which I love. But I don't know if Beldtecs are available in Scotland... If they were, I'd have the same dilemma. so...No help at all!