Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Cameron - the legless cat wonder

For any new folks stopping by, Cameron does have legs. He just has special powers that allow him to make them disappear whenever he likes;)

If you like making raw food or want to try there is an awesome contest you should check out at Vegan On the Go's blog.

Blogroll...I've been updating again. Twitter is a crazy new land that I have entered. Within I have discovered even more fantastic vegan bloggers and I've added a few to the list. I removed blogs that haven't posted in 6 months or more. For now I want to feature bloggers that post fairly regularly. If you do not see your blog listed and would like it to be so, please tell me! Recently I've noticed several missing that I thought I had listed ages ago.

I enjoyed a lovely weekend! Yesterday Madi, my niece, and I spent most of the day together geocaching, drawing by a lake, and running around.

If you are interested in regular updates regarding recipes, bits of information, and some randomness you can join me on Twitter via the little birdy at the top of the right column ;)


The Good Luck Duck said...

Haha, Cameron! Nice superpower!


Hazy said...

What a sweet kitty! I'm browsing around and trying to meet a few people in the vegan blogging community right now to help distract myself from my own noisy little stray cat quarantined in the next room :)

So, pleased to meet you and Cameron, fellow cat-loving vegan blogger!

Anonymous said...

Catching up as usual! I can never keep up with wonderful frequent bloggers like you, but at least I'm roughly monthly, so am still on your blogroll! Yay!

Great picture of Cameron! And I LOVE his name!

And, going back a few posts, your mum IS beautiful!

Penny (Scottish Vegan Homemaker)

Anonymous said...

Hazy, if you're reading this... I linked over to your blog, which I enjoyed very much, but it wouldn't allow me to comment. Something needing fixed there, maybe? Anyway I'm adding you to my blogroll. Hope all's well with the new kit!

Penny (Scottish Vegan Homemaker)

Vegan Flower said...

Aw, I love the picture of Cameron. <3

Cassie - Veganfox said...

Roxanne - It's quite impressive. It paralyzes me every time I notice ;)

Hazy - Glad to "meet" you! Yay for noisy stray kitties! It seems we may have a bit in common ;) I'm trying to get back in to writing and may like to talk with you soon about an upcoming project that I have in mind if you'd be interested. Thanks for stopping by, I'll be sure to spend more time on your blogs later today!

Penny - Hey you! You make me so happy :) I haven't been quite as good about staying up on blogs lately, but it's one of my current goals. I've been trying to put more effort into this blog lately and make it a little more meaningful for myself. Somehow I'm still behind though with all of the ideas and plans in my head! Thanks so much for the compliment to my mom, I will have to mention it! You know, yours is one blog I've shown her before. She's very fond of mysteries and I had thought it might encourage her during a vegan-persuasion session, haha.

Molly - Thanks! He is quite a charmer ;)

Cassie - Veganfox said...

Penny - I should also mention that it would be hard for me to delete you from my blogroll regardless of post took me a long time to remove Green and Crunchy and her blog wasn't even accessible!

Alessandra said...

I love the pic of your cat :-).

I still cannot find much time for twitter, I can click from my blogs into twitter posts very easily, but then I rarely get round to see what others are twitting... maybe I just need to take it slowly with social media, after all it took me a while to get into blogging, and then FB...


Carissa said...

Aw Cameron baby! What do you like to draw? I need an awesome mermaid drawing! I love mermaids :-)

Cassie - Veganfox said...

Alessandra - He's very photogenic ;) Twitter does seem tricky. It could easily become an obsession or avoid and unimportant. Right now I'm having fun meeting a few folks and checking out new links. I'm trying not to worry about missing posts and just enjoying the dialog I happen upon. I think taking it slow is probably a good way to go about it!

Carissa - Oh man, I'd love to draw you a mermaid, but I'm not very good. However I'm determined to get better. If I ever pop out a decent looking mermaid it is yours :)


Cassie - Veganfox said...

Hazy - I too had trouble posting on your blog. I hope the little kitty is doing ok!

Amber @ Zombie Cats Eating Plants said...

Cameron is such a cutie! =^.^=

i wanna do another swap... do you have anything in mind?

Cassie - Veganfox said...

Amber ~ It will happen! I will send out info. when I get back. I'd be happy to send some ideas your way when I'm back in town, too, if you like.

Jenny said...

um...i just discovered you weren't on my blog roll?! how did i not notice this? i assumed you were; you are now!