Monday, May 16, 2011

And then there were two

Decorative wall at Dancing Rabbit -Aug. 2010
After toying with the idea for a few months, I have decided to make a second blog.  This blog will continue to be devoted to veganism and food.  The second one will be more of a inspiration and project blog.  I'm trying out WordPress and will probably be playing around with different backgrounds, so it may change quite often for a while ;)  You can check it out here if you dare.  If you're into stop motion animation, I just posted a fun music video over there - link.

The next swap will be on hold 'til mid June.  A lot of things keep coming up lately and I know my mind won't sit still until I've seen Vancouver, which happens June 7-14 ;) 


Alessandra said...

So you are an artist? Cool!


Cassie - Veganfox said...

Alessandra ~ Oh, I don't know about that...this year I set some goals to get better at drawing and to craft more. I've always been more involved with music and writing than anything. I hope to express a little of each on the other blog ;) Thanks for asking!

By the way, love your froggie in your recent post!

blessedmama said...

Good luck on your other blog. I have a hard time keeping up just one!

Cassie - Veganfox said...

Yeah, I kinda do too, so we'll see how it goes ;) Part of it is just to experiment with WordPress to see if I prefer the format. I may end up with one in the end ;)

Bobbie said...

Cassie, We return on the June 20 so I say we get together after that for some vegan food and drink and discuss our June vacations!

Cassie - Veganfox said...

Bobbie - YES! That would be awesome. You guys are going to have an awesome time and I can't wait to hear about it :)