Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Vegan Mofo SWAP! 1: Recipe Swap

*Swap is now closed*

Hey, hey, hey! We are long overdue for a swap my friends. If you haven't swapped before don't let that stop you! For VFS swaps we aim for inexpensive, small swaps. Just a happy little something for those of us who like to get "snail" mail ;)

In celebration of Vegan Mofo there will be two swaps this month! For swap one you will share three recipes with three people and for swap two...well you'll just have to wait and see!

Recipe swap rules:

* For this swap you will have three partners (crazy, I know). The people you send to will not necessarily be the people sending recipes to you (it'll be a surprise!). As you might have guessed, you will receive recipes from three different people for a total of three pieces of mail and nine recipes ;)

* Send three recipes to each of your partners. You may send the same recipes to each person. These do not have to be your original recipes. Feel free to choose recipes that have been posted on your blog. The choice is yours ;)

* Recipe design is completely up to you! A few design ideas: zine or mini-cookbook, index cards, written on stationary, bookmarks, anything goes! Keep in mind that this shouldn't cost more than a stamp or two.

* Sign-ups will end on October 15. You may sign-up in the comments or by sending an e-mail to the address listed below. (If you are new see the note below)

* On Sunday, Oct. 16 you will be e-mailed your swap partners' information from me and should send the recipes out by Friday, Oct. 28. If you can not send your recipes out by this date please do not sign-up.  

* If you are new to VFS swaps please send your mailing info. to me at aveganfox*at*gmail*dot*com

* As always feel free to leave ideas for this swap or future swap in the comments :)



Amber @ Zombie Cats Eating Plants said...

Well you know I'm in! =D

Cassie - Veganfox said...

Woohoo! I'm excited to be doing this again :) Have you been on Swap-bot? I'm about to participate in my first mail art swap through it.

whatifitwaseasy said...

I would like to participate. Just to clarify - we send actual recipe cards to the people in our threesome, not through email, correct. Who sets up the threesome, and how do we get addresses? Assuming raw vegan recipes are OK. Sounds like fun, thanks.

Cassie - Veganfox said...

Yes, these will be sent through snail mail. I will randomly match up partners and send out the addresses on Oct. 16. Raw recipes are definitely OK! Hope you join in! Just send me an e-mail with your mailing info. before the 15th ;)

Amber @ Zombie Cats Eating Plants said...

i've looked at swap-bot but haven't participated over there yet. When does the one you are doing start?

Cassie - Veganfox said...

We're sending them out on the 15th. It's hard to find one if you're a newbie. It was one of a few I could find that I didn't need to already have some kind of "rating". If I see another one that looks good I'll let ya know.