Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy Fall!

Japanese Stroll Garden 2010
Hey!  It's been awhile since I've visited the blog world.  There've been a lot of changes around here lately and I've just been catching up with life lately :)  But I hope to set aside time soon to start blogging more regularly.

Today, Adam and I went to check out the new Botanical Center.  Actually we saw the ribbon cutting on Monday, which was super exciting!  But Adam got excited and I realized that he hadn't been out to see any of the gardens or park.  Since we were both off work today we took advantage of the beautiful weather, packed a lunch, and enjoyed the beauty of the area.  What a lovely day!

The picture above was taken the same day as the pics from the post below.  Adam and I decided not to take a camera today and to just take everything in.  We actually only saw half of the area because it's HUGE.  So next week we're heading back to look over the other gardens and lake area.  If you ever visit the Ozarks I definitely recommend this stop.

Stay tuned:  I still have book reviews and a giveaway to come (I haven't fogotten ;), chocolate sampling reviews, and more pics from Dancing Rabbit.