Monday, May 14, 2012

Farewell for now!

Thanks to everyone who has stopped by the blog these past few years! For awhile now the blog has not been my focus. This past weekend, I was walking along the Elk River and realized that it was time to set it aside. I have a tendency to change my mind, so who knows? You may see me pop up again in a month or a year or five years or never. Right now my focus is on local vegan activism, community building, and sustainability. I recently read the Moneyless Man and have a strong interest in freeconomy, the Transition Movement, and ecovillages.

Want to stay in touch? I will still post links, quotes, and bits of life on twitter and will occasionally load photos to flickr.
Feel free to e-mail me at aveganfox[at]gmail[dot]com
I'm always happy to chat!

Always inspired by something or someone, I have to leave you with some of my current favorites!

The Freeconomy Community - all about connecting locally and sharing skills and resources. - still my number one source for vegan information and news.

Transition Network - develop projects within your community to work toward a better future.

Jack Norris, RD AND The Vegan RD (Ginny Messina) - great sources for information on vegan health.

Vegan Outreach - if you want to take your veganism to the next level, they can provide you the tools!

Budgeting with the Bushmans - an awesome friend of mine has taken her frugal and sustainable lifestyle to the next level (she was recently interviewed for a show on TLC!).

A Whimsical Melody - my neice's awesome blog filled with bits of inspiration, diy, NEDA awareness, and more.

Dancing Rabbit - an awesome ecovillage in NE Missouri ~ I've been there and we canned!!

Also be sure to check out the blogs in the right column!

One last thing, I never made my henna post, but still wanted to share the results with you: RED hair!

I'm on the right ;)