Sunday, March 14, 2010

Awesome Things

For those who visited my blog in January, you might remember Weekly Intrigue posts where I listed some of the wonderful things I came across on the net.  (If you want to check any of those out again click here or just click inspiration under labels).  In that same spirit, and because I just couldn't keep up the weekly thing, here are some new awesome things I have come across.

TREEHOUSES!  What is not cool about tree-houses?  I remember dreaming of living in treetops or inside of trees as a kid.  And now I realize people build these dreams and it is absolutely amazing!

Wilkinson Residence:  This looks like something out of a sci-fi movie and is super sweet!  It is located in Portland, OR, somewhere I still dream of visiting.

Recycled Houses:  This is actually something I heard about awhile ago (thanks to Gina Marie - fellow librarian friend) and it is so cool!  Not only is this guy building up in the trees, but he is using recycled items to do it!  He, also, encourages and teaches others the skills to build their own.  He is truly an inspiration :)  The link above features a cool image of this guy and one of his houses.  Here is a video that shows you what it's all about.

Villages in the Sky:  East Wind, an intentional community in Tecumseh, Mo, is hosting a festival in June.  People will have the chance to help build tree houses and windmills.  It's an opportunity to bring people together to promote sustainable building, renewable energy and volunteer efforts.  This one's close to home, so I may have to check it out!

Interested in FermentingA quick visit to Green & Crunchy is sure to give you any motivation you need to get started!

Vegan sausages, pasta, and apples?!  You bet!  Head over to Healthy Happy Life and you're sure to get excited by this combo.

I miss croissants and am extremely inspired by these rolled up fellas over at Cupcake Kitteh.  Mmm, almond croissants even!

SWEET TREATS!  Yep, the sweets belong in a category all their own :)
Over at the Crafty Kook, River is making some mighty fine sweets with coconut milk!  Check out this thick and creamy Mousse and some deliciously fudgy looking Eureka Brownies!

Decadent Chocolate Caramel Bars await you on Seitan is my Motor.  Your mouth is sure to water as soon as you see these!

How cool would it be to have plants growing on the side of your house, literally?Mo Zone is a really cool blog that features all kinds of planting ideas and helpful tips for those on a budget.  Especially rad are the many recycled planter ideas that pop up!

As excited as I am about gardening, I'm worried that my aims are a little too ambitious this year.  It's important to me that nothing goes to waste (which may involve some free food for family and friends).  This entry on Living the Frugal Life provides helpful tips for meal planning with your garden.

Roof gardens, like these pictured on Fresh Dirt are amazing!  And I must say I have been very intrigued by succulents lately, which are part of these garden schemes.

Heathen VeganI've visited the blog many times, but this is the first time I saw the new front page.  It is FULL of reasons to be vegan, very motivating reasons.  Check it out!

Canadians on Seal:  Many of you have probably already heard about this, but it sickens me, so it deserved a mention.

Food Safety Offender:  America PLEASE get your food act together!


Bobbie said...

Cassie, although I feel confused by your use of the word "rad", I love to read your blog! I hope you don't mind that I have been sharing it with our coworkers!

Katie said...

I believe I am one of the coworker of which she speaks. Awesome blog! As far as treehouses go, my favorite is in Crossville, TN (I worked there one summer at a camp). The Minister's Tree House

Cassie - Vegan Fox said...

Haha, no I'm flattered actually. Well, I was trying not to use cool as often, so out came rad.

Thanks Katie! I'll have to check that out and you should tell me more about it!

Applebys Hidden Treasures said...

We went and did a semi tour of "treehouse" lofts for rent/weekend retreats in Eureka Springs area......Pretty sweet.....
The Pantry (or Food harvest)encourages everyone who gardens, to plant an extra row to donate the food to the Kitchen or various outlets, they will have dropoffs at various spots, and sometimes if you bag them up and leave them on the porch, someone will pick up...
Ah, and fermenting......been so interested with this, this past I've been diving into it.....

two vegan boys said...

I love the word "rad". Thanks for all of the links. And I will send you some test recipes. :)

Kelly said...

This is just what I need right now as I am preparing my garden for planting--I am all about getting my food from outside my front door! These links are going to distract me for a bit this morning--Thanks for sharing!

River - The Crafty Kook said...

Awesome things indeed! Wow, those plants growing on the side of the house? Awesome!

Thank you for the shout-out! Coconut milk lovers of the world unite! :D

By the way, like Krys, I love the word rad too. Rad is a cool word! :P

Julia said...

What a great list! And thanks for the sweet comment!

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