Friday, March 12, 2010

Recent Eats

Here are a few recent eats, unrelated to the Eat World extravaganza.

Recently I've been trying to add more side dishes to our meals.  In the past I've been mostly a one dish kind of gal with the occasional canned veggie or potato on the side, so we're trying to mix it up a bit.

This was a quick dinner that was quite tasty!  This dinner included a baked potato covered in salsa, margarine, nutritional yeast and ground pepper, roasted nuts, wilted spinach with Thai peanut sauce, and oranges.  The Thai peanut sauce was the real "wower" of this meal!  I highly recommend checking the link out and trying it.

 This was a lunch dish all packed up for work!   The sun was shining and I was wishing for Spring and a luscious garden, so I quenched my desires through my taste buds :)  This pasta salad contained an assortment of vinegars:  red wine, rice and apple cider, I think, some agave and a few other things.  I tossed in some onion, carrot, spinach and roasted red bell pepper.  For the wrap, I was inspired by this recipe for a Creamy Avocado and White Bead Bean Wrap.  Our wrap also included spinach, cabbage, and roasted nuts.

Two pics to view the toppings and see it all stacked up!

Oh man, these patties were awesome!  If you don't mind something that goes squish when you bite in, make them!  We mostly used this recipe for Bean patties and Spicy Guacamole on top of grilled homemade buns and served with French Fries.  I really do love greasy french fries!  And yes, the buns were a wee bit small, but we didn't mind!


Mihl said...

This is great inspiration! I also wanted to include more side dishes into my meals.

Jill said...

All of the food looks amazing. I never get fancy with my work lunches but this makes me want to. The homemade burger and bun sounds so good. Do you have the bun recipe to share?

Cassie - Vegan Fox said...

We followed this one ( for the most part. But someday when I have more time I would really like to try this one (

Cassie - Vegan Fox said...

We used whole wheat and spelt flours and agave nectar instead of sugar.