Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Okay, originally this wasn't going to just be about contests, but man!  There are a lot of good things out there to win.  Unfortunately many of these have a deadline of TOMORROW because I have not been spending much time online.  Good luck!  (I remember noticing some others this week, so I will post them if I find them again!)

Contest opportunities!!!!
Want to win this
5" Ceramic Kitchen Knife?
Head over to A Bitt of Raw for your chance!

If you could use an extra blade (or are in need of a new one like me!) this could come in quite handy.
Get details about the blade on CSN's website.

How about a fancy new bag to show off at the local grocery or out on the town?  Check out EasyEcoToGo for a chance to win one of these guys.  These are 100% organic cotton and durable.  Sound good?  Head over to Project Green Bag and check out the selection.

Who wouldn't like another cookbook to add to their collection?  After scanning mouthwatering images from these blogs:  Cooking the Vegan Books, The Veggie Patch,and so many photos on Vegan Appetite's Flickr page.  Speaking of Vegan Appetite, head over there to check out the author's blog!  So head over to for a chance to win!


bitt of raw said...

thanks for blogging about it!

that knife throwing video is not exactly what i had in mind but you made me laugh so i'll accept it.

good luck!

Cassie - Vegan Fox said...

I figured, but I couldn't help it. Thanks!

Cassie - Vegan Fox said...
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Julia said...

Thanks for mentioning the giveaway!