Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Garden Obsession Grows

You may have noticed that my time online has been much less these days.  I have been obsessed with gardening and trying to read as much as possible to decide how to set up my plot.  Also, I have been working more the last couple of weeks, causing me to choose wisely how I spend my time.

Is anyone else gardening this year or has in the past?  If so, I would love to hear any stories, tips and thoughts you have on your experience.
The weather has been driving me crazy!  I finally put some cold crop seeds in this week (it's a little late, I know), but I am still afraid that the wind or rain will rip them away.  Despite these concerns, I did it anyway and am determined to just  pop in a few more seeds if in doubt!  We have plenty of seeds this year (I may have gone overboard).  Really, I will just be happy when something green starts sprouting up for me (fortunately we do have some Egyptian Walking Onions standing tall!).
I'm trying out the square foot garden method and this is my current set-up: 

Adam and I blocked out four squares and covered them with newspaper.  We now have one square topped (it's a slow process right now) with four bags of topsoil, one bag of vermiculite and a wee bit of compost.  Our compost really isn't "garden ready," but I couldn't help throwing a little in.
Here's one more image to show all the seeds in their places topped with a little vermiculite.
Ruth and Edna, my friend-relatives who I see at least once a week (Ruth is my aunt's mom and Edna is her sister), have been kind enough to allow me to start some seeds under their grow lights.  I do have a few sprouts there!  Some Cauliflower and Millionaire tomatoes have sprouted.  I don't have pictures of these yet, but will post when I do.  Since I haven't mentioned Ruth and Edna before, I would like to let all of you know that these are two ladies to be greatly admired!  They garden, read, and exercise.  Ruth knits and Edna cooks.  And that's really not all, but why are these things especially amazing?  Well, Ruth just celebrated her 91st birthday!  What cool ladies :)  I learn so much from them and am so happy every time I see them. 

Soon to come: A few reviews and FOOD (of course)!


Kelly said...

Hi! Let me tell you how impressed I am with your set up of your Square Foot Garden! I have been struggling with using string for the outline of my 8x4 plot (as the book's author says to use "lath" and wood frames--which for me, would be too cumbersome to get together at this point). So your photo has really inspired me--can't wait to see the growth and read the veggie updates--this is awesome!

Cassie - Vegan Fox said...

Kelly, Thank you so much! To be honest I was a little nervous posting those images thinking that my setup was quite inferior. We just used bits of stick and hemp. It has been holding up even better than I expected. I'm excited to see what you do with yours!

Reading in the Dark said...

I have melon seedlings now! Pretty excited, 'cause Tony and I thought they wouldn't survive the snow. Also, my spinach leaves are getting bigger. Might have some baby spinach in a couple weeks. :) Pretty good for my first time, huh?

Cassie - Vegan Fox said...

Yes!! That's awesome!

two vegan boys said...

I love the garden. I am obsessed with gardening too. My grandfather always had an awesome garden and I love our garden this year because the boys are interested in it. Hopefully there will be veggies to be picked soon. Such goodness.

Anonymous said...

aw how sweet, luckily you have space to have a lil garden. Its going to be beautiful! Im living in a lil flat so all i have are lil pot plants of peppers, rosemary and mint. :)