Thursday, June 10, 2010

Your Thoughts on Thursday

As I mentioned on Mon., Thursday is my new space to ask a question (or two) and get your thoughts.  Feel free to give as lengthy a response as you desire!  And feel free to e-mail me with ideas for future Thursdays.

What are your favorite gluten free flours and recipes?  I am very interested in the details, so if you have any tips on mixing gluten free flours or on other ingredients to use with them, feel quite free to elaborate! (You can even mention the things you don't like)

Some Gluten Free blogs and websites to check out (not necessarily vegan):
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Book of Yum
Celiac Sprue Assoc. Flour List 
Celiac Sprue Association Recipes
Gluten Free on Fat Free Vegan
Gluten-free Girl and the Chef
Gluten Free Gobswacked
Gluten Free Goddess
 Gluten Free Mommy
Gluten Free Vegan
Information on Vegfamily

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Millie said...

thankk you for visiting my blog, I will check yours as much as I can. Thank you.